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Fenn Lake

About The Lake

Fenn Lake is a three acre lake, ranging from about six to twenty feet deep. It is a mixed fishery with Roach, Rudd, Bream, Tench, Wels Catfish, Perch, Pike and Carp. A good all round fishery with fish to specimen proportions for all species.

If you are looking for variety in your fishing then this a great lake to try as you never know what might be taking your bait next.This superb fishery is becoming the second best Carp water in our area, the first being Lake Geneva. A large head of quality carp can be regularly seen moving in and around the margins of this beautiful lake. Most of the swims are on the North bank, mostly seperated by trees and bushes giving cover from the fish, with deep margins and relatively clear water the quiet angler will always score better in the long run. Some swims have marginal reeds to add variety. In 2014 we added a few small Carp to the stocks to fill in the gaps in our year classes, this has had a marked effect on the orginal stock fish, they have fed well throughout the season resulting in no less than ten thirties being banked, including a new lake record Common Carp of 37lb 8oz.

The Fish

In the image slideshow to the left you can see some of the residents of this fabulous fishery.

Roach - The float angler can have some cracking sport with Roach to 1lb 8oz, Specimens are sometimes caught whilst fishing for Bream.

Rudd - The float angler can have some cracking sport with Rudd to 1lb 8oz, Specimens are sometimes caught whilst fishing for Bream.

Bream - Fish in excess of 10lb are frequently caught by Carp anglers. The lake record is 12lb 14oz.

Tench - A thin stocking of very big Tench, up to double figures, have to compete with the Carp.

Wels Catfish - 20 Wels catfish were stocked in the 90's which are now heading towards the 65lb barrier. Lake record 60lb 2oz caught August 2016.

Perch - Very rarely caught but specimens to 3lb 8oz have been banked in the past.

Pike - A good head of double figure pike with the lake record 19lb 10oz.

Carp - For a 3 acre lake this is an incredible fishery with a good head of Doubles, Twenties and a few Thirties. Lake record is a Common of 37lb 8oz.

Season 2017-18

Fenn lake; what can we say? For regular twenty pound plus Carp and the good prospect of a thirty this little lake never fails to deliver. It's not easy by any means but the rewards are some stunning specimens. The Pike in this lake made a welcome appearance through the winter months with fish nudging the twenty pound bracket a good option for a campaign next winter. The prospects for the new season are very good; the larger catfish are holding weight in the 55 - 60lb range. And for the Carp a forty must surely turn up before too long, then this little 3 acre lake will be a gem of a water.